Today is SUCH a fun day!
found myself wake up on 6 am.
take a bath. and go to Fiqah's house!

hmm....there I saw Fiqah's big family's activity at morning. and having my 2nd breakfast there...(hehehe...^^)

but it's not just because those delicious "tempe, tahu, ikan goreng, and sayur labu" that i got stunned seeing this family's activity.

WOOOWWW...!!! what i called as FUn-happy-family!

in this early morning, i could heard fiqah's cousin's discussing about Al-qur'an and hadist, songs, tv shows, and all those things that are taboo to be discussed with my parents.
they got a little girl (9 month) to be played with..(aww..she's sure is cute!^^), and that's makin this family even crazier. kisses and hugs for this little cute drooling girl makes me giggling a lot! (It's hard to stop your laugh you know...^^).

after we ate,,,we go to "Ukhuwah day" held by M2F! @ Gedung Ipteks Unhas!

yaaaaaayy!!>.we've got sooo much fun there!
from "ta'aruf's games"..."smack that balloon!" untill makin those yummy sweety puddings for everyone!

awwww...that was the best part of this day! eating pudding with danau unhas's view...!>.<

the sun goes up.
and then we go to "Latihan Kader II" @ Lec Antang.

the atmosphere's change. but the fun's still hangin' there. i enter Eti,andini, and qalby's room. chat a lot, gossiping about what had happened in LK2, then i go to Auditorium to met fadlan and other presidium. hmmm...what a surprise...the matery's are really great!
and from jackson's stories (after i spoil him with pudding^^) , i could feel the spirit of those LK 2's participants,,,now they sould be great! (i hope)

after LK II, we go to "mpek-mpek hunting" @ Mall Panakukang. taste sooo great!
me and fiqah chat a lot. about boys, organization, love, and all those evergreen stories...aaahh..nice..nice...^^

then we bough some Vit.C for me and being a member for "century".
owyea, we found something interesting here!

it's the "pinpoint eyeglasses"!
me and fiqah tried that black glasses, and feel like i could read without my glasses!
it says, it would enchance our vision 20 times!
woa! nice glasses!
i really want to buy that thing...but it cost 320.000 Rupiahs.

i should make another proposal now...-_-7

after mall panakukang, we go to my home.

hmm...the atmosphere's really changed here...
i could feel the cold ice stabbing my epigastrium. (here am i..back again T_T)
gladly fiqah want's to stay until magrib.
another great chat happens to be our agenda, (exchanging our 1st goal : makin' PBL's Power point for tomorrow's pleno!T_T)

she chat to me about her ex-boy.
fiqah had just ended her relationship (that should happen long2 years ago, when she enter this Unhas)

well, this chat makin me remember that boy again.
today, in this room.
the same room where i first feel him in my heart...
the same room where i always fought with him...
the same room where i saw his face on the ceiling...
where i decided to hate him with all my heart.

i forget all the past.
forget myself.
and my stupidities for falling in love with another creature but GOD.'s 11.26 Pm now...
what a day!
gutten nacth ame-can..!^^

want to know how the real moslem is?

check this out. it's a perfect moslem's profile, said by Syaikh Hasan Al-Bana,it's including 10 aspect:

1. Salim al-Aqidah ( Pure aqidah )

it means that our Aqidah (or believeing) are the same with what Al-quran and As-sunnah said.

2 Shahih al-ibadah ( straight way of ibadah )

every individuals should do anything in this life, according to the rules called "syari’at".

3 Matin al-Khuluq ( the streght of akhlaq )

akhlaqul karimah, to control our evil feeling. do no harms to everybody/thing.

4 Qadir ‘alal al-kasb ( able to live by ourselves )

to encourage and explorate all the potential, and creativism in fulfilling the need of life. do not hanging on other people. do not being a parasite.

5 Mutsaqaf al-fikr ( open minded )

to have this, he/she must take her time to find a lot of knowledge and explorating it.

6 Qawiy al-jism ( physically strong )

when our physic is strong, our mind would be strong too. also, we could do much more good things with that body.

7 Mujahid linafsih ( warrior of ourselves )

every individuals should always aware of the evil in theirselves, and fight back against it by jihad/makin' war to those evil in our heart who always drown us to be a sinner.
and also doing ibadah, and good things.

8 Munazham fi syu’unih ( organizated )

we have to organize all our belongings and schedule and intention. because everything that's unorganized, should just end in fail.

9 Haris ‘ala waqtih ( efficiency in time )

organize the time with a beneficial things, do not waste the free time, because it's those "free time" that will be asked in the next day.

10 Nafi’ li ghairih ( beneficial for everybody )

"Sebaik-baik manusia adalah yang bermanfaat bagi orang lain"

a good man, is a man who is useful for another man

well, that's the real moslem by hasan al-bana's version.
hopefully we all could be a good moslem.
and making Allah's ridha to ourselves...