4.26 in the morning...

trapped in this tasks...

in the end, i just finished 1 sad...T_T

but at least i dont get asleep.hohoh...

facebook betul2 penangkal ngantuk yah!
slain itu, i also got this inspiring words :

"To be happy with a man you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all"

great good words it is.
now I understand how man wants to be treated.
and i understand how i want to be treated (jd slama ini g tau y??hehehe)

ahahaha....capeknyaaaa.....^^v shoulder's aching...-_-a

i'm single and very happy...

Akhirnya bisa lepas baik2 dari seseorg ada benci, tak ada tangis.\^^/

yeap!it's time to chase my dream now!

a super big dream!

dear God...i've tried my best in that test...
please...please...give me a super fine score!...>.<
yah...don't have to be super sih,,, but at least, to pass that 1st line.

big dream, big effort.

after lefting out that burden...
i feel more relaxed
hopefully this will make me more energetic!


Today i do something unusual.
What is it?
Well,It is my doing job without asking anybody!
Maybe This is the 1st day that i really felt like an adult!
Yea,I'm Trying my best to be independent.

Well,it was a Hard day today.
But i've learnt somethin precious.
I found the very best friend of me.
A friend that i could learn so much from her.

Ok!Hibernating in progress...hoping that i could hatch someday as a woman.NOT as a girl.^^v