I've almost forget to write something in here!
actually today I'd like to write the translation of a great song titled "let it be", but since i don't have much time, so I feel like I want to do it later.

Have you ever heard about "mestakung" or "semesta mendukung"?
well, it's a word that Indonesian people use when everything is going really well on a fast track, because we are so determined in achieving something.

Today i've got an email from jakarta with some attachment to fulfill so I can enter a university of my dream in Australia. and they even promise that they would waive the 100 AUD application fee! I'm soo grateful, I Think in return, I should really study hard to improve my english and my competency by using it in my everyday life, and remember to write one or two essays everyday to enhance my writing skill.

Though I'm very lazy today, I've only heard that BBC world news for just a few minutes, and instead of watching NHK news, I'm stuck in watching celestial movies, but I do hope that I can get a better time-management tomorrow.