Dear diary, no no..dear (my private) journal...

Have u ever feel broken hearted?
If no, it doesn't matter then, coz u are lucky not to have to feel it in your life.

Pernah g, merasa pengen muntah sebanyak2nya?
Itu perasaan yg kurasakan saat ini.
Why? I dunno, perasaan ini sama kacaunya dengAn penulisanku saat ini.

Dont worry, im still alive.
Still trying to enjoy my world
Still living and breathing the air...

Just...i feel a sickening feeling.

A sickening feeling whenever i remember my past
It's a past, when i really hope that i would live my life with him.
But he just too coward to pursue
Or maybe im not that good to be "worth fighting for"...

I dont like the last sentence...
Im sure he just a coward.
Im so sure of that.