there's something different today..

hwaaah....i feel so energic!

there's a BIG ambition to be fulfilled over there...
the shadows always hangin' on my eyes.
dreaming that i could really reach it out!

today is "SUmpah Pemuda" day!
aye! seeems like all of my "nasionalist friends" are goin out for action!
yeah...there they are...walkin on the street,,,shout out for a better future!

what about me?
as a Kajian Strategis division of ISMKI n' M2F...
i'm not goin out with them...just wandering around do a lot of thing that i haven't done yet.
(there's so many of them!)

i spent this afternoon, makin a review of my own paper for sino...
also, doin' a screening for Akbar et al, who wants to participate in MusWil IV 2009 held by UMI this december.
he said he wanted to be a Kastrad like me too...!(wkwkwk...don't be like me brother,,,i want you to be better!)
owyea,,today i also got my salary for being a committee of PMB (penerimaan mahasiswa baru)...huufff..when would all BEM's activity got some money like this??

(singin' : wkwkw....material girl...i'm a material girll...!^^)

i wish that magz from Sino with the Sino Science filled with my scientific paper could really being published before i need it.
n' also, i could get a toefl test soon (need to study hard for this!)

i need to work HARDER...HARDER...!!!

tomorrow there'll be a PBL...i haven't done my slide...
but it's okay..i still have around...hmmm..9 hours before i get in the patella's room.
besides, my job is not an essential one...because it's not the true "Berak darah" we've been lookin' for.

but that's not a reason!
i have to do the best!
reduce those sleep and eat amey!

it's time to MOVE ON!
(n' please...get rid of that cute face (?) out from your head! don't be stupid...jgn lagi ada air mata u/ org itu ame...pagi ini sdh cukup memeras...^^)