Kolam Susu
Pool of Milks

- Original lyrics by : Koes Plus
-Translated to english by : Ameey

Bukan lautan, hanya kolam susu
(It is not ocean, but it's a pool of milks)
Kail dan jala cukup menghidupimu
(a bait and net is all enough to make you live)
Tiada badai tiada topan kau temui
(There is no storm neither typhoon to face in here)
Ikan dan udang datang menghampirimu
(All fish and shrimps will coming down to follow you)

Orang bilang tanah kita tanah surga
(People always says that our land is from heaven)
Tongkat kayu dan batu jadi tanaman
(A stick of woods and rocks will turn into a plant) 2x

*Repeat all over again*

-Homework : translating a song- *mission completed*

This is a very nice song that makes me smile everytime i heard it... :) we should be veerrryyyy thankful to God by giving us a chance to live in this BEAUTIFUL, SUPERB, and AMAZING land of INDONESIA. :)
Today is my first day on taking english course again, it's been a long time though, the last time I took it was for TOEFL preparation when i'm in class XII in Bandung city. This time I took another english course for IELTS preparation. My teacher's name is Mursyid, he's a graduate from USA, and he had another graduat from Australia too. He gave us so many cool tips for taking this IELTS preparation.

  1. IETLS test purposes was NOT to test our knowledge, instead, it's a test to measure our ability to communicate in English Language
  2. If you used to take TOEFL test, then you are accustomed to study grammars and such thing, but in IELTS, what you need is "English Instict", so it needs a lot of practice and habituation to get that ability.
  3. Most of IELTS high score pursuer have ever try to do this test for once, but, to increase that former score, British council had determined that we have to learn english at least for 200 hours to get a plus of 1 point! so learn it earnestly! 
  4. Overcome your nervousness in front of the accessor, remember, our accessor is also a human being!
  5. Be confident! your accessor could sense your fear and nervousness, and that would lower your score down. 
  6. Make yourself a target homework : 
    1. Read at least one article from newspaper, books, or journals (since most of IELTS takers are for academical purposes, we must find a formal article! do not find it from comics or novels)
    2. Listen to an english news at least once a day, a BBC news or English Breaking news from metroTV would be helpful 
    3. After finding an article or a news, resume what you've learn from the news, and wrote it down! It will enhance your essay writing ability too!
    4. Speak up with yourself in front of the mirror, or find someone to talk to. Enhance your speaking skill in introducing yourself, talking about your individual interest, and history, and try to find a group discussion to discuss about particular topics that will need many point of view and also comparable. 
So, I've done my homework essay for today, (horray!) I hope I can be consistent in writing more essays about my everyday life and many more topics.

See you tomorrow!