Alhamdulillah, today is a very special day to me.
In the morning, I woke up like a potato bag moving from my room to other room.
But as I saw my brother asking me to made a breakfast, I became so excited that I made a very delicious fried rice for him and we ate it together in a joy. ^^

after breakfast, we gather along for him watching tv while im working with my Ipad to study more about english vocabulary by reading a lot of article,. Oh yeah, yesterday i was thinking about getting an IBT toefl test so I can get an english score that required to enter lpdp scholarship. From ms.Gita I got to know that the range of time I submit my application in LPDP until She finished thewhole process would require around 4 months! OMG! I dont have that much time, because my dream college in UNSW will be closing their application door soon on this April!

So, instead of focusing to get a letter of acceptance (LOA) that ms. Gita said would be a "conditional LOA", she suggest me to take an IBT toefl test while waiting for the 25th february IELTS. So, I called educational office named "Alfalink" to get me the nearest schedule for toefl IBT, and unfortunately, It will only be held on 23rd ferbruary!!! And that Scheduled date is all the same throughout Indonesia!

Later, I was thinking about taking Ielts test in another place than Makassar, and I found out that these couple of months ago, two way tickets from and to Makassar  - Denpasar  is in a great bargain! So I called the IDP office in Denpasar, and they told me that the nearest schedule for ielts would be on 18th January (but as today is already 16 Jan, so the registration time is already expired), next would be on 1st February, and 23rd! so Im planning on studying hard and get a ticket to Bali, just to take an IELTS test on this 1st of February. i hope I can succeed in this... Amien. U,u

After four years of using braces, I finnaly had the opportunity to remove my braces!
For about 1 week I made 3 and cancelled 2 of that appointment with my dentist because I've been very busy studying english.