Just look around.
It's big day,everyday.

So much to read,so much to write.

Mr.hernowo always encourage us to Write about anything.

The Secret suggest us to write our wishes.

Writing,is an actuating tasks.

Reading is the ingredient.

The Holy Quran teach us to read.

Read is the window of life.
Eventhough u click on that hatred button a thousand time.
I would never hate u.
D u know why?
It's becoz hatred is the partnert of love.
Whenever u hate someone,u'd probably gonna love him.
So,having no feeling is the best way to forget someone.,.
You can't be truly rude until you understand good manners

nice poem for someone to rest in peace...
i was tagged in this poem from Facebook.
when Gray tomodacci A.k.a "Tomo". seems to be in sorry for one of his big bro.

well,,,have a rest then...
Tomo, i'll give this poem a title..could i?

"The Unforgettable"

You have given me courage when I'm still a scardy cat

You lent me your strength when I'm tired facing the Life

You help me in Improving Myself

You teach me how to behave like a real man

You told me your experience and teach me to learn from it

You share your mind with me so I become knowledgeable

You lend me your ear when I'm pissed off

You scold me when I'm spoiled

You teach me how to protect myself and others

You Teach me What is Bravery

You Told me to respect others

You warn me when I'm making a mistake

You are so good In my Life

You lent me your shoulder when I'm Sad

You make I am Who I am now

You help me change my life

You Told me What Faith it is

I want to thank the GOD because He have permitted you to enter my life

And Because of You I have change My Star

I wish I can meet you again and tell each other funny jokes

I wish I can learn more thing about computer from you

I wish I can do Malino Trail with you once more...

I wish You can teach me more about Martial Arts

I wish I can Thank you for all you have done for me....But....You already gone to the place that I can't reach....

From The Deep of My heart...I thank You....And for the rest of my life...I will carry your spirit with me

This at least I can do for you....

In memory of your lil bro

My Best Friend, My Nephew, My Mentor, My Teacher, My Tutor, My Big Bro....

Shin Enggriawan / Popo

nice poem isn't it?
thanx to tomo!^^