want to know how the real moslem is?

check this out. it's a perfect moslem's profile, said by Syaikh Hasan Al-Bana,it's including 10 aspect:

1. Salim al-Aqidah ( Pure aqidah )

it means that our Aqidah (or believeing) are the same with what Al-quran and As-sunnah said.

2 Shahih al-ibadah ( straight way of ibadah )

every individuals should do anything in this life, according to the rules called "syari’at".

3 Matin al-Khuluq ( the streght of akhlaq )

akhlaqul karimah, to control our evil feeling. do no harms to everybody/thing.

4 Qadir ‘alal al-kasb ( able to live by ourselves )

to encourage and explorate all the potential, and creativism in fulfilling the need of life. do not hanging on other people. do not being a parasite.

5 Mutsaqaf al-fikr ( open minded )

to have this, he/she must take her time to find a lot of knowledge and explorating it.

6 Qawiy al-jism ( physically strong )

when our physic is strong, our mind would be strong too. also, we could do much more good things with that body.

7 Mujahid linafsih ( warrior of ourselves )

every individuals should always aware of the evil in theirselves, and fight back against it by jihad/makin' war to those evil in our heart who always drown us to be a sinner.
and also doing ibadah, and good things.

8 Munazham fi syu’unih ( organizated )

we have to organize all our belongings and schedule and intention. because everything that's unorganized, should just end in fail.

9 Haris ‘ala waqtih ( efficiency in time )

organize the time with a beneficial things, do not waste the free time, because it's those "free time" that will be asked in the next day.

10 Nafi’ li ghairih ( beneficial for everybody )

"Sebaik-baik manusia adalah yang bermanfaat bagi orang lain"

a good man, is a man who is useful for another man

well, that's the real moslem by hasan al-bana's version.
hopefully we all could be a good moslem.
and making Allah's ridha to ourselves...

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